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Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria

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Joint Online School Registration and Administrative Center ( JOSRAC ) was Founded by Mr. Taiwo Aderinkola, in the year 2014 to increase managerial effectiveness by processing information, and gaining superiority in competitions by directing strategies to support ongoing student assessment, especially by facilitating formative and summative evaluations. To provide the most effective, affordable and innovative solutions to revolutionize education in Africa so as to help strengthen the next generation of leaders.

JOSRAC was designed for all schools in Nigeria and abroad to make school management stress-free, we have achieved this by taking a strenuous look at “School Management” and focused on the more complex part. The fundamental idea behind JOSRAC is to help improve the old school management system, so as to meet up with the new era of technology. We do know that changes are difficult but at the same time inevitable, this is why we've implemented this new system to eradicate the old stressful school management in replace with the new modern era of technology that makes it easier and flexible to run a school business.

Better Work Quality

This also happens to be one of the major advantages of using such software. This software functions with a greater amount of convenience when compared to the methods of yore. It can put information together in a correct manner, sends notification when such a task needs to be performed and can manage documents in an easier way. Since this is software, it is possible not to err while using it to the same extent as paperwork. The major reason for such a statement is the fact that here the software is doing all the work on your behalf.


An Effective Way of Communication One of the most significant benefits of this software is that it helps school’s staff members to communicate effectively with the parents. With this software, school administrators can easily share information and send targeted notifications to students and parents in a real time. This way, they can bridge the communication gap that may exist for all the stakeholders – the parents, the students, and the school staff.

A Better Way to Store Data

The concept of school management software has now made life easier for the schools as they can store data better than how they were able to do earlier. In any case, all the schools have plenty of data to deal with and there is a whole lot of information that needs to be stored away correctly and maintained. Earlier, people had to do this on paper and that meant paperwork that never seemed to end and heaps of ledgers and files that were hard to keep track of. Moreover, they took up a lot of space that could be used for better purposes. Now schools can keep all their data in one place and update them as well. Since the data stored in computers is not perishable, it requires a lot less time to maintain it. It means that less time is needed as well.