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Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria

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We offer Uncommon features that help all educational sectors achieve a quicker result in a more smarter and effective way, some of the features offers are listed below

Administrative Dashboard

Administrative dashboard enables all school admin's to Track, Monitor and Manage all school related activities such as; staff's punctuality and activities, Learner report and payment status. and many more

Teachers Dashboard

Teachers Dashboard is a perfect record keeping and teaching tools that increases the teachers performance in impacting and preparing the learners for a brighter future.

Learner / Parents Dashboard

Specifically designed portal for all conscientious parents to keep track and monitor their wards academic activities, performance and transaction details.

School Account Management Software

Josrac also offers a professional Accounting management feature, this enable the school accountant to electronically manage every account related, ranging from Tuition fee, Stock Inventory, Extral Income and manymore.


Josrac offers a professional online teaching and learning system, This enables school to engage the learners with the most updated edu-tech solution by providing the best learning resources for their advancement even during the long vacation / breaks

Computer Based Test ( CBT )

Josrac introduces the use of electronic CBT & Homework system as against the old manual way of answering questions, Our CBT feature enables the learners to practicalize, master and be more conversant with the use of CBT prior to any external exams.

Scheme Of Work

Josrac introduces the use of electronic Scheme of work which enables the teachers to individually submit their weekly scheme of work to school admin and also to prepare the learners prior to next class.

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Joint Online School Registration and Administrative Center ( JOSRAC ) was developed to increase managerial effectiveness by processing information, and gaining superiority in competitions by directing strategies to support ongoing learners assessment, especially by facilitating formative and summative evaluations. To provide the most effective, affordable and innovative solutions to revolutionize education in Africa so as to help strengthen the next generation of leaders.

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JOSRAC is an advanced multipurpose, user friendly and secured school management solution for all categories of schools.


JOSRAC was carefully developed to simplify how school manage and administer their school activities in more smarter and faster ways.


JOSRAC has been specifically designed to help schools monitor the activities around their premises from teaching staffs to student and the parent.


With this new and improved school management system in place, your school is guaranteed a safe, secured and efficient way of keeping records.


JOSRAC guarantees a lesser amount of paperworks and reduced cost on office stationaries.


JOSRAC is highly secured with the latest industry Enterprise Security and Encryption Management feature that preserves every bit of information on the platform.


JOSRAC SMIS Offers it's features to eliminate the most difficult part of school administration and management in order to make it more easy and flexible to acheive all daily task with ease, Some of the features are listed below

Uploading and Checking of Result

JOSRAC Offers a professional way of uploading and verifying individual Learner's result before approval and submission to the school admin for final review. This feature helps to eliminate the manual score records, reduces errors that may occur in the process of manual calculation learner's scores and attendance on the report sheet. it is fast, efficient and saves time.

This also enables Learners or Guardians to gain access to their result or ward's result from their comfort zone. This feature also helps in eliminating result malpractice and gives the exact accurate figures. Even when results are being printed out, this feature serves as a future back up for reference purposes.

Finance & School Account Management

JOSRAC offers a professional Accounting management feature to eradicate all error/argument related to tuition fee collection. This enables the school accountant to electronically manage every account, ranging from tuition fee, Stock Inventory, Extra Income, staff payroll manymore

This also enables Learner or guardian to gain access to their ward payment history from their comfort zone , This also helps in eliminate the stress going through in clarifying payment between the guardian and school .

Computer Based Test (CBT)

This feature allows Learners to carryout a Computer-based Test online. it allows for location and time flexibility both to the Learners as well as examination bodies / teachers thereby bringing down the cost, time, effort and expense involved in the examination / test process. Advantages of using the JOSRAC CBT feature are; *flexibility in test delivery *improved candidate reach *enriched results analysis *quick delivery of results *test / exam integrity (remote proctoring and other security features makes the CBT extreemly secure enhancing test integrity to be maintained).